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Editor's Note: As part of our efforts to publish the most interesting and insightful writing, we are going to be expanding into publishing Twine games. Twine is an interactive storytelling medium that is empowering people to make games and share their stories. We believe some of the best writing being done right now is in Twine.

With that in mind we are honored to welcome Caelyn Sandel as the first Twine contributor The Yearbook Office with a story about charting the stars. There is a lot to explore out there!

Your awakening is slow and feels strange. You must have slept for a long time.

As you float fitfully toward consciousness, you find yourself wondering if there is a word to describe the way one forgets a vivid dream after a long slumber. There really ought to be a word for such a thing.

You plumb the depths of your memory, but can't find it.

Actually, you can't find much of anything.

You can play Traveler here.

(Traveler is an audio-visual experience, it includes sound. We recommend you wait to play Traveler from a computer or tablet on wifi.)