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About The Yearbook Office

While brainstorming names for a new writing site, I wanted it to be a place that was singular but also familiar. As I thought about places in my life that were important, only one came to mind.

Were you a jock or a nerd in high school? A band or theater geek? What were your extra-curriculars? Who did you eat lunch with?

At my high school the normal social lines broke down; I was a nerd but I also was friendly with the jocks and the band kids. There was no culture war. My only real distinction was that during senior year I was the sole member of the yearbook staff. I had friends but I ate lunch alone in the yearbook office every day.

It was a place where I felt safe, where I could work and have my work be seen by my peers. And even though I was the only one using it, it was meant to be welcoming to everyone even if no one showed up.

That was my hope in naming this site The Yearbook Office. It is meant to serve as a home for my writing and the work of my friends. There is no format, no strict rules. Just show up and write something. It will have a home here.


— Alice Lee

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