The Yearbook Office
Writings on staying alive

As we add more contributors to The Yearbook Office, we felt it the right time to provide some basic style guidelines to follow when submitting your work. These simple rules will help streamline the editing process and bring you more in line with the editorial voice of the site.

  • Please feel free to put as many spaces after a period as you like. Two, three, ten, it ultimately does not matter as HTML only recognizes the first one anyway.

  • All individuals are to be referred to by their preferred names and gender pronouns or I will fucking cut you.

  • You are, under no circumstances, to ever acknowledge the mid-sentence ellipsis. Ever. Think of it as The Punctuation Mark That Shall Not Be Named (TPMTSNBN). It is an abomination, TPMTSNBN is hack and to even think about using it is to look into the cold, dead eyes of a punctuation mark that has no regard for common decency. This is not Livejournal, we are not 14-year-olds[1].

  • How many commas? Some, maybe some more but not too many though.

  • Always use proper capitalization. Unless your name is "e e cummings"[2], the shift key is your friend.

  • That said, we do not capitalize the word "internet" unless it is at the start of a sentence (and even then we think about it first).

  • We are against usage of the Oxford Comma as we feel it an unnecessary extravagance. If you feel you cannot make a list's items clear without use of it, you are not trying hard enough. That said, there is no line in the sand and we are welcome to further discussion (unlike TPMTSNBN which is a crime against humanity).

  • Regarding the "lay" versus "lie" debate: Lay's Potato Chips lay on the ground, while pigs lie because they are untrustworthy animals.

  • Go ahead and end a sentence with a preposition, you will not be yelled at.

  • Always spell out all numbers below 10 and from nine-hundred nintety six and up through 1427 excluding multiples of six and 14, unless a number is both in which case just use a different number.

  • Consider using the word "indubitably" more. It is a fun word.

  • We recognize that grammar and style are merely suggestions and at no point want to hamper your writing style with a tedious list of rules. The Yearbook Office is meant to be a place for expression in whatever form suits you. If there is a single voice being expressed from all contributors, we have failed in our mission.

  • But again, we cannot stress enough how much we hate TPMTSNBN. Seriously.

[1] The Yearbook Office welcomes contributors of all ages, so long as they agree to discontinue use of TPMTSNBN. ^

[2] Either your parents think they are very funny naming you that, or ahhhh zombie get away get away. ^