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Well here we are once again. As the glow of the screen dims we find ourselves at the end of another Steam Summer Sale. It goes without saying we all had a roller coaster of a ride this year, but it was still worth it, right? I know that every year I say this is my last one, but I just cannot refuse the excitement of buying the hard work of others at a fraction of the going price.

Did you get something good? What am I even asking that for, I know you got something good. The sale was a total blur for me, with the rush of the late night votes, the flash sales, and all those sweet, sweet DLC packs. I am not as young as I used to be and I can barely keep up, but I try. Saw a lot of good stuff out there on the floor: that Monaco four-pack sure did come to party. I know lots of people were talking about that new Civilization V expansion, but my eyes were locked on that Borderlands 2 season pass. And did you see the skinny-ass price on FTL: Faster Than Light? Damn, game be working out to get a price that low. It is good to see that even with a class of new kids every year, the bar is still high. You bring your fucking A-game to the Steam Summer Sale or you stay home.

Moreover can we take a moment to address the fact that Left 4 Dead 2 keeps showing its old-ass face in the Sale long after its welcome has expired. I mean, do they not realize that everyone has bought that game at least three years ago now? Who are they trying to fool, showing up with a 75% off price. Fuck you Left 4 Dead 2, make way for the new shit already. There are a thousand Gunpoints hungry to take your spot.

The thing I hate the most is the cynicism I always feel at the end of the Sale. You start to take stock in the fact that you bought 27 games for like $10 and you know you are not even going to play them. Can you even remember the stuff we went crazy for last year or the year before? Serious Sam HD? Batman: Arkham City? That one indie game with the ball, what was that even called? Do you remember that? By the end of the Sale it all feels meaningless, the crazy deals, the bundles; you can buy all 12 Assassin's Creed games for $1 and I can barely muster the energy to click the shopping cart button.

But I know I will be back again. All it will take is the siren song of Watch Dogs for 50% off and I'll be knee-deep in cheap indies before I know it. So let us raise a glass to the Steam Summer Sale, may our backlogs be long and no game left at full price!