The Yearbook Office
Writings on staying alive

Day 52

Life is good in Kona Village. Having discovered that the nearby tropical island is a goldmine waiting to be tapped, I have been making Bells like water. I can pull in four, sometimes five hundred thousand Bells in a single trip catching these gigantic beetles.

With this kind of money coming in I have been able to pay off three new rooms added to my house with work currently proceeding on a second floor and basement. Nobody has not questioned how I am suddenly able to afford all these house expansions, certainly not Tom Nook. At this point I have given him enough Bells to put both Timmy and Tommy through college at this rate.

Day 54

Isabelle called me down to Town Hall yesterday to explain that there have been complaints from citizens about the state of the town. Incensed I walked over and angrily sat down in my Mayor's chair.

"Hello Mayor, how can I help you today?" said Isabelle, as cheerful as ever.

"Isabelle can you explain why it is that I cannot raise more than a handful of Bells for a public works project but if there are a few weeds left un-pulled everyone is up in arms?" I ask. Isabelle pauses for a few moments to consider this.

"Well, Mayor, the townsfolk in Kona Village have always looked to the Mayor to be a strong leader and always valued the beauty of this place more than anything else," said Isabelle with a bit of hesitation in her voice. I can tell she is a bit frightened of me. I lean back in my chair and I sigh heavily.

"I'm sorry but I do not have time for this. Do I have any options?" I ask.

"Maybe you could hire some of the townsfolk to take care of the flowers and weeds for you," suggests Isabelle. I perk up immediately.

"By God, you've done it again Isabelle! That is a perfect idea!" I yelp and run out of Town Hall. Almost immediately I run into Lucha and having entrusted him with my sprinkling can and a promise of a 500 Bells a day salary, he is now the official Kona Village flower gardner.

Soon I have found jobs for everyone in town: fruit picker, weed puller, fossil excavator and so on. Pleased with my delegation of duties I notice it is after 5pm and head down to the docks. I had briefly considered hiring someone to help with the beetle collection, but I worried letting someone in on my secret income would only be trouble. Some jobs need to be kept close to the heart.

Day 57

When I left the house this morning I immediately stepped into a pitfall seed. Trapped in the earth, I noticed that the entire walkway in front of my house has been seeded with pitfalls. Worried I immediately Nook's Homes to talk security options. Provincial government law prevents me from installing more than a few padlocks, but something is better than nothing.

Day 66

"I think I just want to have a modern feeling in the front room."

I am standing in a model house owned by the Happy Home Academy picking out furniture. Having completed the expansions to my house, I find myself in dire need for furniture. As I walk through the model homes I start picking out a chair, a lamp, a dresser to be shipped to my house.

Finding this process taking too long, I start ordering entire furniture sets all at once. Lyle, the HHA rep, writes down everything. Once I find enough items to furnish my mansion, I ask Lyle to give me the total.

"Hmm, all told you have ordered 848,942 Bells worth of items," says Lyle in a cold, transaction-like voice. This number gives me pause as I only have about half that in my savings account.

"That is more than I was expecting."

"Well, we could see about removing some items to get you down under budget," says Lyle showing me the clipboard. As I scan the list I find I cannot part with anything I have picked out. The polka-dot bedroom set, the complete kitchen and bath, the den with fireplace and piano, I want it all, and frankly, think I deserve it all for my hard work.

"Would it be possible to pay using my line of credit from Nook's?" I ask without taking my eyes off the clipboard.

"Oh, certainly! We have an arrangement with Mr. Nook for this very thing." I sigh in relief.

"How long will it be before the things are delivered?" I ask.

"Well, some of these will have to be trucked in from outside the province. I would say two weeks for everything," says Lyle, popping my improved mood like a balloon.

"Oh no. That will not do at all. I need this stuff much sooner. Can you do overnight?"

Lyle looks over the clipboard.

"Yes, that can be arranged though it is going to come at a considerable cost."

"Whatever. Make it happen." I say and walk out the door.

Day 71

As I head to the shore to make my nightly beetle run, I see Kapp'n standing on the dock. He has a stern look on his face, a far cry from his usually carefree singing composure. He looks me dead in the eyes and says, "I know what you have been doing, mate."

"What do you mean?"

"Coming to the island, taking our beetles and selling them. I can see your mansion from here."

I look up and yes, you really can see my house from the dock. I am mentally kicking myself for deciding to build right in front of the shore.

"But Kapp'n," I plead, "you never said anything about this! Surely we can work out some kind of arrangement."

"No can do lass," he says, "You are not welcome on me island no more. Not gonna be stopping at this village any time soon."

With that he turns and boards his boat. I shout obscenities at him as he pulls away from the dock and far off over the horizon.