The Yearbook Office
Writings on staying alive

Day 21

Tragedy today, I found a letter in my box from Jambette telling me she had moved to another village. I had just returned from buying a table and two dining chairs for my newly expanded house so I could invite her over. I take the letter inside as I drop the furniture in to the space I had cleared for it. Without my love for Jambette as the driving force, why was I even bothering to expand my house at all? Or maybe she rebuked my advances because of the size of my house, not easy to make much of a future in a shack like this. This seems to make more sense to me.

With new resolve I head down to the shore to catch as many fish as possible.

Day 24

On my way back to Re-Tail from the ocean, I stop by and check in on Lloid to see how donations for the bench are going. He tells me of the 30,000 Bell goal only 124 Bells have been donated. Does no one in this village care about civic improvement?

Day 31

I have become a machine that turns fish into real estate. Every waking minute I am fishing or selling my catches at Re-Tail. I stop to pluck weeds and water flowers on my way to and from the shore, but otherwise I am dropping those bobbers. The novelty having worn off a long time ago, I no longer relish whenever I catch a shark or rare fish. The only thing on my mind is Bell resale value.

Through these efforts I have paid for the next two renovations to my house, though I barely notice as I never spend any time there aside from sleeping. But my drive to expand is never sated.

Day 38

When I check in with Isabelle she mentions I should check out the town notice board for an important message. Putting it off I wait until late in the day when I am heading back to Re-Tail with the day's take.

The notice is from the Provincial government saying that due to rapidly diminishing populations, all fishing in Kona Village will be suspended in for an indefinite amount of time.

Furious, I march over to Town Hall and ask Isabelle what authority they have to do such a thing. She calmly explains that Kona is under regulation from the Provincial government and that there is nothing I can do. She knows what I have been up to, word must have spread through town already, and she tells me maybe I could take some time off for her, because she never gets to. Before I can even question this she shoos me out of Town Hall.

Day 43

With the ban on fishing now firmly in place, I take Isabelle's advice to heart and take a boat out to the tropical island. On the way, the man operating the boat sings me a nice song about how he met his wife. I tip him generously as we arrive. Walking around the island I find myself at peace. Fishing is prohibited here by the same mandate as in Kona Village so I rent some snorkeling gear and go for a swim.

As I am walking to take the boat back home I notice a giant beetle hanging off of a palm tree trunk. I take out my net and snare it, putting it in my pocket and heading home.

Day 45

As I am making the weed plucking rounds about town, it occurs to me that I have not checked in on progress on the bench fundraiser. It has been a month, surely we should be close to the goal by now. As I approach, Lloid seems happy to see me.

"Hey Lloid, how's it going?" I ask.

"Oh hey boss, not so great," says the gyroid.

"How much have we raised so far?"

"So far we have raised 293 Bells of the 30,000 Bells goal."

"Wait, did you just say 293? Like two hundred and ninety three Bells? Is that it?"

"That's right boss."


"Whoa, no need for profanity there, boss."

"Right, right. Sorry." I try to calm down but I am furious. Digging around in my pockets for my wallet, I pull it out to find I only have 112 Bells on me at the moment.

"Look, I am gonna take care of this Lloid," I say, "let me go offload some stuff at Re-Tail and see how much I can get for you."

"You got it, boss, I ain't goin' nowhere!" says Lloid as I walk back uptown.

Sometimes I wonder if the citizens of Kona have any interest at all in their village. When I first started as Mayor I tried holding open hours at Town Hall but no one ever showed up. Isabelle will give me reports on citizen satisfaction, but when I talk to the people they never say a word to me about the village. It is as though people have forgotten I am the mayor at all!

When I get to Re-Tail, I clean out my sack and give it to Reese to tally. I figure I have three, maybe four thousand Bells worth of stuff here; not enough for the bench but a good start anyway.

"I could probably part with 15,570 Bells for all of it," says Reese.

"Whoa, slow down a second. It was just some bugs and fruit. Why so much?" I ask.

"Let's see here," she says, looking back over her numbers. "This giant bug is a Golden Stag, the price on it is 12,000 Bells."

I must have looked like an idiot, standing with my jaw open for at least a minute when I heard this.

"So you are telling me that one bug is worth 12,000 Bells?"

"Yep, that is correct," says Reese as she hands me the sack of money. The gears in my brain start to click into place and I realize what this means. I leave Re-Tail and head straight for the dock.