The Yearbook Office
Writings on staying alive

Day 1

Not knowing where to turn, I take only the clothes on my back and board a train. I ride for hours and hours, waiting for the right place to get off. A cat comes and asks me where I am going, unsure what to answer I say "Kona Village, I hear it is nice there" but really I pick it because it is the next stop. Sure enough, the train slows down and the conductor calls out "Kona Village!".

As soon as I disembark from the train I know something is amiss. A pretty blonde dog lady tells me I am the new mayor of this town. Having always been a civic-minded, reasonable person I take the job.

Day 3

Mayoral duties are light in Kona Village, what with the population friendly and wandering the streets at all hours of the day. Everywhere I go I run into a citizen just walking around. Is the economy so bad that the entire village is out of work?

Also received a letter from Tom Nook reminding me about my mortgage payments. I figure I need to learn how to make some money so I can stop living in a tent. I track down the first citizen I can find, a frog lady named Jambette tells me I should go talk to Reese at Re-Tail, a consignment shop. Thanking her I walk across town to Re-Tail and introduce myself.

Reese tells me she buys just about anything I can carry in, including fish and bugs, and suggests I get a fishing rod and bug catching net to start making some money. I thank her and head off to the mall to do as she says.

Day 6

Woke up this morning to find a letter from Jambette in my mailbox! After our first meeting I realized I had a pretty big crush on her and would use any opportunity I could find to talk to her about town. Wanting to go the next step I wrote her a letter saying how much I fancied her and hoping she would respond, and now she had! As I open the letter my knees are shaking. Her response is written on light green stationery and her handwriting is delicate. She writes:

Receiving your letter made me so happy, I am going to show it to everyone I meet today. Please write me again!

I am crushed. She does not even acknowledge my confession of my feelings for her. Nonetheless I set about writing her once more, this time getting more bold with my language. I sign the letter, "Love, Alice" and drop it off at the post office.

Day 10

Isabelle, the dog lady who told me about the mayoral job, has been extremely helpful in assisting me with mayoral duties. She seems extremely capable and knowledgeable about how the government works, I would be completely lost without her. I consider asking her why she is not running the town, but her sunny disposition leads me to think I would not get a straight answer out of her.

With her help we set up a public works project to build a yellow bench near the shore. Isabelle sets up this weird creature she calls a "gyroid" that will collect donations from the villagers. It introduces itself to me as "Lloid" and I greet it back, though I vow to wash my hand thoroughly as soon as I can. Lloid seems planted in the ground where Isabelle left it but moves in such a peculiar fashion. Hopefully residents are not too scared of this monstrosity to avoid donating for the project entirely.

Day 16

Through a lot of hard work and late nights fishing in the ocean, I have sold enough fish to pay off the mortgage on my house! When I talk to Nook after putting in my last payment he mentions expanding my house further if I want. When I ask how much, he tells me 98,000 Bells, or over almost three times the size of my last loan. This seems crazy at first glance, though I quickly remember that I have been wishing I had more space so I could invite Jambette over for dinner without having to serve dinner on my bed.

Knowing it might be a mistake, I tell him I will take him up on his offer. I am in it now.

Day 18

Another strange thing happened today. When I opened my mailbox this morning I found a letter "from Mom" with a box of tissues attached. My mother has been dead for ten years.

Something is not right in Kona Village.